Frost Films offers DJ services at an affordable rate. This very cool DJ service includes ceremony music, wireless microphone, expanded music collection, with a professional entertainer. Prior to being a service within Frost Films it was a separate business named On-Entertainment. With over 80 events over a span of 5 years, all the events have been unique and they have all received high reviews yet the prices have all remained low.

1.Frosty the Snowman $1000:  

This package, like frosty the snowman, is full of  joy and songs.

-It includes a professional DJ for 9 hours of the reception, full lighting set up, an amazing speaker system along with wireless miss.

-The deejays are highly experienced in doing introductions and always makes sure the bride and groom have the time of their life while making sure the guests are throughly entertained.

*$200 discount is applied if bundled with videography service.

2. Jack Frost $600:

This package is named after the character who nips at the nose and toes but instead of nipping, Jack is warming them up with his cool music.

-Offers a layer of assorted music, half lighting set up, and wireless mic for 5 hours of entertainment.

*$100 dollar discount is included when bundled with videography.

3. Robert Frost $400:

Ceremony music is beautiful and poetic much like the poetry of Robert Frost.

Music will be offered by a professional deejay for up to 3 hours during the ceremony along with a wireless microphone if needed.

*$50 discount can be applied when bundled with videography service.