Past Video Events

While building the Frost Film’s website it was important to gain testimonials from past clients. Shortly after a mass email was sent out, many positive replies came in. It’s so good to hear back about the positive experiences of past clients. Even after 4 years, all of the clients had something positive to say about the service they received from Frost Films. Many couples still watch their wedding videos and highlight video around the time of their anniversary every year. It is rewarding to know that Frost Films provides many people and families with memories they can look back on for a life time. Crystalizing these important events is a huge honor and I have always treated videography with the highest degree of professionalism and have been constantly conscious of the fact that these videos will be watched many times over the years and shared with friends and family. This is the reason that wedding videos need to be trusted to a person who truly cares about the end results.

Since Frost Films began as a non-profit organization which only accepted donations there wasn’t always money to update equipment. Yet, little by little the funds were raised and now Frost Films has updated equipment and a website. It is a relief to finally have a website and more professional equipment in order to provide customers better quality video for their investment. I look forward to seeing an excellent response from Central Minnesota in 2016, especially closer to the summer months.

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