Videography Business Launched in Saint Cloud, MN


Videography has been a passion of Danny Frost since he first discovered a camera at the young age of 10 years old. His dream of owning a his own videography studio has finally come true in the Saint Cloud area. After 10 years of filming weddings and 4 years of films school, Danny has gained plenty of experience to provide a professional service in central Minnesota. He looks forward to keeping offering his services at a much lower rate than any other wedding service because he doesn’t do it just for the money but to help couples crystalize their memories for a life time. It is his passion to create high quality videography, photography, and deejay at an affordable rate. Danny is a full time elementary teacher during the year where he makes a majority of his income so does not depend on the income from FrostFilms. Here is some advice for choosing a videographer for your wedding.

First of all, it is very important that your videographer has plenty of experience with a portfolio to back it up. Many videographers were never trained to operate a camera so a degree in film is a big plus.

Second, what is the cost of service? Many video services must survive off of the income they make from their service so they must charge a lot of money. Always double check prices with other services in order to find something in your price range.

Lastly, make sure that you and your videographer’s personality will be fun, creative, entertaining, and professional. This is important because after all the people in front of the camera usually just reflect what the person behind the camera transmits.

I hope this short blog has been helpful! If you would like to discuss more about video, photo, or deejay services please contact Frost Films as we would love to assist with all of your wedding plans.

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